Wednesday, 31 October 2012

You can never have too much 1D things. :3

I've got loads of One Direction things!

- 15 posters. (Some a bits cut out of magazines but who cares? ;D )
- A 2013 1D calender.
- 1D bracelets.
- 1D diary.
- 1D pens.
- 1D gel pens.
- 1D Pencils.
- 1D screen saver. (For my phone.)
- 1D screen saver. (For the laptop.)
- 1D Up All Night Album.
- 1D mug.
 Im going to make a 1D colleage...
- 1D bag.
- 1D hoodie. (It says: Vas Happnin! on the back ;D )
- 1D pyjama's.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Hmmmm....There's something different about this boonie. Hmmmmmm...AHA!! He got a he's got bigger ears! xD

Blogging a blog that has been blogged.

Yes. I am blogging a blog that has been blogged.


I am so normal.

Thats what she said. xD

Me and Lucy are still roleplaying and ours charaters were eating chips....Here's how it went:

Yep. That IS what she said.

Offline Lucy DX

Whenever Lucy goes offline:

Thats what she said! xD

I was roleplaying with Lucy about Soul Eater...Here is what she put about what Soul's taste like as her charater:

So I put as my charater:

This seriously made me laugh! xD

I feel like Lucy dosen't ♥ me as much...I dont know why...


MiniMrsMalik....I just want you to be on again. I miss you sooooo much! :(


Candired in the chatroom!!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Wake up Lucy! xP

Great....Now I cant get back to sleep.....It's 6:25 right now. I am so glad I've got the week off school...Cos' To be honest....That is one of the last places I'd like to be right now....So yeah...I hope Lucy comes online soon...WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!! xD Yh. Hopefully some writing on a blog will wake her up. xD Thats totally gonna happen , right?

Next stop...Level 7

I am so close to level 7!

*Yaaaaaawwwwn* Morning guys....ITS WHAT TIME!?

Just woke up....It's 5:50am!? Urrrrgghhh Going Back To Sleep For A Bit.... No friends online xD

Awkard Silence in a chatroom.

This 'Chat'Room is clearly living up to it's name.......

Beautiful Lucy.

Look at her...She's just beautiful... x :3

Plain Lazy.

I have been the laziest person ever.

Online Dairy!

I might turn this into an online dairy type of thing......? Maybe......

My Best Mates!

Lucy is the one on the left and Pineapple is the one on the right :3 I love them 2.

Meeeeee! xD

This is my Avatar! ^_^

Help Lucy?

Dunno how to take screen shots? I want Lucy on my blog!? D: And Pineapple!!
Oh how I ♥ my backround. xD
Heeeeeeeeeeeey Guys! x This is my beautiful blog! I'll post some more later! x