Wednesday, 31 October 2012

You can never have too much 1D things. :3

I've got loads of One Direction things!

- 15 posters. (Some a bits cut out of magazines but who cares? ;D )
- A 2013 1D calender.
- 1D bracelets.
- 1D diary.
- 1D pens.
- 1D gel pens.
- 1D Pencils.
- 1D screen saver. (For my phone.)
- 1D screen saver. (For the laptop.)
- 1D Up All Night Album.
- 1D mug.
 Im going to make a 1D colleage...
- 1D bag.
- 1D hoodie. (It says: Vas Happnin! on the back ;D )
- 1D pyjama's.

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