Friday, 2 November 2012

Things That Annoy Me. #2

Todays topic on what annoys me is: Going To Bed But Not Being Able To Sleep.

Yep. I think we've ALL had those moments when you just CANT sleep. You try pretty much everything but they just wont work. Example: Mum: It's time for bed! Me: Ok! *Gets ready for bed* I am so tired right now...*Yawns* *Turns the lgihts off and gets into bed* O.O *Thinks: Why Am I SO AWAKE!?*   One time it was my birthday  and it was like 4 'o clock in the morning and I just wanted to get up and open my presents and just have a great day of being 1 year older. So I went to my Mums room and woke her up and said: "Mum , can we get up?" She said: "What time is it?" I said: "4." She said: "Go back to sleep for a couple of hours!" So thats what I tried to do. But that didn't work... -.-" No. I had to wait 2 HOURS!! To get up and have a great day. But in those 2 hours I didn't sleep. No. I had to sit up and a sunny yet chilly morning watching TV cos' I couldn't get back to sleep.

Yep. That was my topic for today!

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