Saturday, 17 November 2012

Things that annoy me 3.

So today's topic is: Nothing good on TV.

So here's an example situation: *Thinks: Hmm...Im bored..Let's see whats on TV!* *Gets up and turns on the TV , flicking through chanels*

And this is how the freakin' TV goes: Chanel 1: The 10 o' clock news. Chanel 2: The hoobs. Chanel 3: Time Team. Chanel 4: Documentry on potatoes.

Once I genuinly saw this thing on TV and it was about potatoes. ._. Our crazy generation.

But seriously I feel as if TV just hates the human race when this happens. It might think we're rude for watching it for ages. Hm , maybe. So when I find that there is nothing to watch I just about feel the need to scream. I dont cos' most of the time it's at late night that nothing is on and dont want to wake others. Right. Im bored of writing this post so bye! xP

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