Thursday, 1 November 2012

Things that annoy me.

Ok so Im going to be blogging about things that annoy me every day. So what Im going to start off with is "That Awkard Moment..." Here is why "That Awkard Moment..." Annoys me:

People just go round and say it online , stuff like : OMG! That Awkard Moment When You Go To Bed But Cant Get To Sleep! LOL! YOLO!

My reaction: ._.

I mean it isn't even awkard its just annoying. (Topic for tomorrow...) I mean sometimes it's not even online. Sometimes your just talking with your mates and then you bring a casual topic up and then one of them say: This is awkard. ._.   Then Im thinking: No. You just made it awkard by saying it is when it clearly wasn't. -.-"   But when it comes to awkard silences (Dont you just hate them?) nobody says that its awkard. People just say it for the sake of saying it. Why? I have no idea to be honest.

So yeah! That was my topic for Things That Annoy Me today!

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